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Good Morning All,

So I am new to API so I have question for experts on this field. So I work in CRM field and use third party software like Integromat now known as 'MAKE' to make API calls.

So the question is, since I use the software's API endpoints docs to do all the API calls. Would it be possible to do API calls that are not on the software's API documentations?


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Jan Vlnas

Hey Roshan, welcome to Dev! I recommend tagging your question with "help" so it attracts more attention.

Frankly, I don't understand your question. Do you want to do some API calls with Make which don't have an integration ready or something else?

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Roshan Rai Author


Thank your response and sorry If I have not made it clear.

The software for that my client uses is 'Quill' its a Legal Managements system. It has a API document for all the available api call within the software but the data the clients wants to pull from the software, the software does not have the Endpoint on the API documents and I even had a chat with the support and the support states with the API that they have right now, its not possible. So my question is if the software does not have the Endpoint to fetch the data, whatever my client wants is not possible is it? Or can be bypass that with custom API calls?