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Brand New Engineering Open Positions - Week #26 of 2022

This is Kamil, founder of the Remote Index - every week I compile a list of fresh remote engineering jobs to help you find your next remote position.

Today, I have 16 of 412 new jobs I want to share with you. Check out all our new jobs from companies like Telus International AI, Galaxy Digital Services, Eligo Recruitment Ltd, HyperMint, Open Earth Foundation, Client Server, iAgora Europa, Planet, Maple, GB Solutions, PSR Solutions, Slate, DXdao, Quit Genius, Zengenti Ltd, Jobheron and more below!

Let's dive in.

Data Analyst @ Telus International AI
Remote / Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
contract regular data impact search engineering

Engineering Manager @ Galaxy Digital Services
full-time management crypto design engineering hardware

Senior Cloud Engineer @ Eligo Recruitment Ltd
Remote / Mannheim, Baden-W羹rttemberg, Germany
full-time senior aws azure cloud design

Engineer @ HyperMint
Remote / England, United Kingdom
full-time regular api aws cloud cloudformation

Engineer @ Open Earth Foundation
part-time regular blockchain design impact infrastructure

Back End Software Engineer @ Client Server
Remote / England, United Kingdom
full-time regular backend c++ c++17 data

Labs Back End Specialist @ iAgora Europa
Remote / Munich, Bavaria, Germany
full-time regular aws backend c# cloud

Senior Quality Engineer @ Planet
Remote / Alberta, Canada
full-time senior agile automation customer data

Senior Full Stack Web Developer @ Maple
contract senior agile apollo ethereum graphql

Engineer @ GB Solutions
Remote / Gloucester, England, United Kingdom
full-time regular c# crm customer data

Electrical Design Engineer @ PSR Solutions
Remote / Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
full-time regular design engineering other project

Software Engineer @ Slate
Remote / Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
full-time regular api audio aws cloud

Senior Front End Developer @ DXdao
full-time senior agile ethereum front-end performance

Platform Engineer @ Quit Genius
Remote / London, England, United Kingdom
full-time regular architecture aws data design

Front End Developer @ Zengenti Ltd
Remote / Ludlow, United Kingdom
full-time regular agile angular css3 enterprise

Software Engineer @ Jobheron
Remote / Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
full-time regular agile c++ customer design

Check all 412 new engineering jobs.

I also share new jobs on our Twitter: @remoteindexco

By the way, do you have any feedback for me? Feature requests? Companies I should add? I built Remote Index for remote workers like you (and me), so I want to hear what can be improved.

You can reach me on Twitter @shmannet at any time.

Many thanks

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