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Q: What is AppyResto?

A: AppyResto is a do-it-yourself app creation platform that lets anyone create iPhone apps, Android apps with no coding requirements. We offer you safe, simple and easiest way to create an App for your business.

Q: What is the procedure for creating an App?

A: AppyResto offers you easy and fast way to design your App. You can create your business App in just few minutes. Simple click on the Get Started tab on the homepage and follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your App Name

  2. Choose a Category

  3. Choose a Theme

  4. Add pages to your App

  5. Fill in your Business Info and you are all set

 Follow above provided 5 simple steps and design your Business App in minutes.

Q: Does the AppyResto App work on different devices?

A: Yes! The App works on different devices. All the Apps designed through AppyResto support all devices like iPhone, Android etc.

Q: Who can use AppyResto App Builder?

A: AppyResto App Builder is specially designed for small and big businesses. Anyone who is interested to create an App online can use AppyResto App designing service.

Q: How much time does it take to create an App?

A: Creating an app is a matter of just few minutes. To be specific it can take on average 4 to 5 minutes for completing the procedure for building an App.

Q: How many Apps can I create?

A: You can create as many Apps as you like. There is no limit set for building Apps. You can make as many Free Apps or Paid Apps with AppyResto.

Q: Do I need to know programming to build an App on AppyResto?

A: No! For building an App on AppyResto you don’t require any programming or any coding skills. Just basic computer knowledge is required to create an App.

Q: Can I edit my app after it has been created?

A: Yes! Editing the App is very easy. Simply log into your account and choose the App you wish to edit. You can edit your App as many times as you want.

Q: What are the advantages of making an App with AppyResto?

A: AppyResto offers you an excellent opportunity to create your App on your own without wasting money on expensive App developers. AppyResto helps you to save time, money and offers you 24/7 online support from the experienced developers along with 24/7 access to your App for editing and updating.

Q: Why should I make an App?

A: There is no business or organization that could not stand to benefit from an App – especially a free one. Apps maintain and instant and continuous connection with your customers, clients, employees or fans. Wherever they go, you’re in their pocket. They can seek information from you at anywhere and anytime, and you can reach them the same way through instant notifications.

Q: What if I start An App and don’t finish?

A: Technically you don’t have to finish an app during the same session in which you start it but don’t worry, it will be waiting in your account for you to complete the next time you login. But don’t wait too long – we are eager to share your app with the world.

Q: How much does AppyResto App Cost?

A: There are 3 subscriptions offered Basic, Standard and Pro. Please check the pricing details for the App costs here http://appyresto.com/pricing/

Q: What are the payment options?

A: We accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard. We also accept payments by PayPal.

Q: Are there any discounts available?

A: Yes! We offer discounts but they are only available on additional purchases.

Q: Can I share AppyResto apps with my friends?

A: Yes, once your App is created and published it will be available to teveryone.

Q: How can I integrate GrubHub feature to my app?

A: Just add the GrubHub icon to your main app area and put your restaurant URL, then click “Preview” and “Save/Update”. It is indeed very simple.

Q: How can I add Open Table feature to my app?

A: Just add the Open Table icon to your main page area and type in your menu page URL that you wish to add, and then click “Preview” and “Save/Update”.

Q: Do you offer an App creating service? Can I get free estimate for creating an App?

A: Yes! We offer App creating service. To get a free estimate for your App please contact us and we will get back to you with the estimated cost details at our earliest.

Q: Can I Book Appointments using My App?

A: Yes you can Book Appointments using your App, To Enable this feature Go to Your App Page, On Your App Page, Add the “Scheduling ” page in your main App Area, Enter the Email address on which you want to receive the appointments and save this to activate this feature.

Q: How do I access to my Appointment Requests triggered from my App?

A: Each time someone requests an appointment using your App, you will get an email alert on your account. You can Accept, Reject or Delete the Appointment from your ‘My App Area’ by clicking on Appointment Button. End User will get a status update email notification of his appointment when you accept or Reject confirming if the Appointment was confirmed or Rejected.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered here?

A: Please submit the question by clicking here we will answer it at our earliest and maybe even add it to our FAQs.


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