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Apple explores new business area: Vaping

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Apple is famous mostly for its computers, smartphones and other so-called “wearables”. However, the key secret of success of such companies is to always be connected with the prospection and markets of growing popularity. One of them is vaping, the way of converting a substance into a vapor with the use of high temperature. It was offered to those, who didn’t want to quit smoking but had to stop using cigarettes and other tobacco-based products for different reasons.

This industry had already chosen its star: Firefly, which is called the “Apple” or “Tesla” of vaping, is the luxury device that heats the air in the vaporizer to 400 degrees to produce a smoother and better-tasting vapor. The vaporizers of companies, that are focused on the entry-level vapers are rather cheaper (the price tag of Firefly starts at $329) – they are based on other way of heating and materials.

What about the founders of Firefly? They are not from the tobacco industry – you will be surprised but one of the Apple developers, Mark Williams left his position in the MacOS project for the chance to create Firefly with Sasha Robinson from Juniper.

The patent application that was released on January 26, 2017 sets the features of the high-tech vaporizer, the result of Apple inventions. The document describes a vaporizer, that had been developed with the focus on the maximizing the vaporization rate to increase the quantity of the substance that will be converted to vapor. The high temperature in its chamber is the main step of the process.

The core information about the materials that Apple is going to use in the process of vaporization is hidden from the public at the moment, so we are just waiting for the day, when the Cupertino company will decide to enter the game.

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