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How to build an App?

Do you want to build an App but don’t know how?

Here are a few simple steps on How to create your own mobile App with AppyResto.

Figure out why do you need an App.

The first step to creating an App is asking yourself what exactly do you want your App to achieve. Is it that you need more costumers? Or do you just want to improve your business?
Whatever the reason might be, you need to be clear about your goal. Knowing exactly why you want to create your own App makes it easier to build it.


Research is very important when creating an App because you want to know how to attract your costumers to your App. You need to research what people like to see in Apps, what people don’t like about Apps and, depending on your business, what features your App needs to have. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you’re going to need a “book a table” button or a “order online” button. People are always looking for ways in which they can decrease waiting time and have better a better service.

Make a rough draft of what you want your App to look like.

Before starting the process of actually building your App, is always better to sketch what you want your app to look like. Take a piece of paper and draw all the details you want you App to have that way when you start to create your App you will just filling in all the details without thinking to hard.

Click on our App builder

App builder

Choose your design

App Design

Put your App functions

App functions

Test your app with the preview.

App Preview App Preview

Make additional changes if needed.

Release your App.

You are all set! Promote the App with your customers, watch your business improve. You can manage your app thorough the dashboard, or you can contact us if you need a help.

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