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Push Notisications
Is your business no longer profitable? Amount of clients suddenly fall down and work goes on . Cheer up! We will help you to save the situation.

Also possible that your business is booming, the client’s base is growing at breakneck speed, sales are increasing, but that is not enough for you. Do you want more?


Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing for small and medium businesses. Push notification is a form of mobile marketing, which forefront in a current sales market.
What is it?
Push notification is a brief notice, which appears on your mobile screen. Their aim is to inform users about the application updates, important events, new added content, the replenishment of products, goods, services etc.
How does it work? Push notification is not just an option to inform users. This is a great marketing tool, which helps to attract new customers and the interest of the existing ones. In addition, you will be surprised how your sales are up.
Application rules.
If you want to really attract customers, rather than scare them away, should be careful. There is small line between “just informing” and “annoying reminders.”
Always give to customers the ability to choose. There should be an option to unsubscribe if they wish.
Choose your target audience. Do not send notices to everybody.
Send only the relevant notifications. Push notification has to connect with social networks, so customers have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with each other, give advice and post reviews.
Be very attentive to the number of sent notifications. The most appropriate number on the one day is five. Do not exceed this rate, so as not to provoke users. Otherwise, you can lose your customers.
Today more than 68% of the population use mobile apps. Of this amount, 70% currently allowed to send push notifications. Just think how many users you can inform and how many of them are interested in your suggestions.
Imagine that you have just created a business from scratch. You do not have your customer base, advertising and, accordingly, the level of sales is zero. You need a short time to starting work and attract buyers. Push notification is suitable for it, because with their help you will be able to advertise offers as soon as possible, to big amount of users and with minimal financial costs.
Look at the chart and imagine that this is your business.
Mobile marketing has many advantages in comparison with other forms of marketing. Push notifications surpass other forms of notification (SMS sending, browser notification). Also, push notifications increases interaction with your apps and make your client base more stable. Do not forget to follow the rules of using this form of mobile marketing and then you will see the results very soon. Explore the mobile applications and grow your business!

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