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US shop workers buy games console for young customer

Workers at a US electrical shop bought a young customer his own Nintendo games console after he visited daily to play on the store’s demo device.

In a video posted on YouTube, the young man can be seen looking bewildered as shop assistant Ken Fernandez presents him with the Wii U.

Best Buy deny the act was a marketing stunt.

The clip was uploaded by another employee Rahiem Storr, who said the team wanted to “make a child smile”.

Mr Storr does not work at the Valley Stream branch of the store in New York where the video was filmed, but was moved by the footage when it was shown to him and decided to post it online.

He wrote that the teenager in the video went to the shop “every single day” to play the display Wii U, so staff there had decided to act.

“We bought you a Wii so that you don’t have to come in here every day and play,” said Mr Fernandez in the video. “Everybody you see here, we all got together and chipped in so that you could have one for yourself.”

He reassures the boy that he is serious and says the $300 (£235) console is an early Christmas present.

After posting the video Mr Storr received a barrage of abuse. He then published another video in which he says if viewers have nothing good to say then they shouldn’t say “anything at all”.

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