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User Experience Tips for your App

Visualizing your App

When creating an app, one does not jut have to think about what content is necessary to add in the app, one also has to think of what kind of content to add in order to attract costumers. Apps area great tool for advertising, however, having people keep and use the App can be a conundrum.
In any form of advertising, you need to have a great hook to keep your costumers engaged. One way of doing so, it’s with the visualization of the App. The appearance of your App it’s one of the main characteristics of it that will draw more costumers to your business. If you want your App to attract as many people as possible, here are a few things you can add to it:


Videos are one of the best ways to attract costumers. If your trying to entertain and/or inform your costumers, use videos; people like to see and hear information in order to retain it or act upon it.


Using pictures in your App can be very helpful in getting the attention of your costumers. Photos can influence emotions and the mood of your App’s content which can help you target a certain audience. Although they can extremely helpful, they can also be damaging since certain pictures can send the wrong message. Try searching and observing the type of pictures are used by big companies and what kind of photos are good or not to use in your App.


Infographics are your best tool to inform costumers specially when you want to show statistical information about your business. You always want to use histograms, pie charts etc. when showing this type of information, because it makes it easier for the costumers to understand your data.


GIFs are perfect when you want to attract a specific sentiment. They are the combination of a short video and an image. For example, you’re a restaurant owner and you want to inform your costumers that you added a new delicious and popular dish to your menu, you can tell the news and add an excitement GIF. This will evoke that excitement in your costumers and they will want to try your new dish ASAP.


Polls are not just great for your costumers but also for you as a business owner. You can get a lot of feedback and learn a lot about what your costumers want. This is the best way to ask costumers for their opinions in an anonymous way and without the annoyance of writing a whole review.

When using these contents in your App, make sure they go accordingly with your text and try to be consistent.

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