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User Generated Content and how it can help your business

What is user generated content?

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UGC is content that is made by users of an online service. This content can be anything like blogs, advertisements, images, videos, audio, tweets, posts and chats and it’s usually posted on social media.

How can UGC help your business?

There are many ways in which UGC can help your business, one of them being that new costumers usually trust other costumers more than the trust the business or brand. For example, you could post information about how great your business is, however, new costumers won’t buy into it easily. On the other hand, if another user/costumer posts some reviews or information about your business, they will trust it more.
Other costumers are usually unbiased towards your product/business.

Another good way in which UGC helps your business is that it creates/increases loyalty from your costumers. When costumers post or share something from your business, they’re contributing to it and helping share the word about it.

UGC is a good way of advertising your business without spending a fortune on it. Most people nowadays are discovering new brands thanks to social media. Since most of us spend so much time on social media, when one of our friends posts about a certain brand/business, it sparks our curiosity which then inspires us to try it.

UGC helps your business App be more engaging. People tend to use an App a lot more if they’re able to interact with it. If you encourage UFC in your App, users will be happier with it and most likely share it with friends.

The best way to advertise anything is by having people share their own experience with it with their friends and family. Word out of mouth is the best way to promote and succeed.

How can you make sure you App has UGC?

In order for your user to create UGC, they need to feel like they’re part of a community. Thus, you need to make sure you App has a community space, somewhere where they can share their ideas and opinions. If necessary, create a scenario where your users will feel the need to share. No matter what you do, you always need to be creative and innovative.

UGC is the best type of advertising your business can ever have, it’s effective and it’s cheap. However, it’s hard to get costumers excited enough to create it, that’ why you need to make sure you’re always pleasing your users and costumers because you don’t want them creating negative advertising for your business.

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