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Productivity Tips that Work with ADHD

Problems you may be facing:

  1. Too Distracted To Finish
  2. Too Boring to Bother With
  3. Ignoring a To-Do List
  4. “It’s Me Versus The Clutter”
  5. Troubles Beginning a Task
  6. “I Schedule a Task, But Ignore It”
  7. When Worry Prevents Things From Getting Done
  8. Not Being Able to Prioritize a To-Do List
  9. Never Meeting Deadlines
  10. Project Impossible? Blow it up, break it down

Solutions to your problems:

  1. Make the first thing you do each day something relaxing and pleasurable. Do the fun stuff first.

  2. Break down your tasks into tiny sub-tasks. The secret to completing large tasks is to break them into a series of smaller steps aren't as intimidating.

  3. Make sure your first tiny task is one that you have a 100% chance of succeeding at

  4. Be realistic about the time you need to do something — everything will take ridiculously longer than you think. It's always easier to overestimate how long tasks will take.

  5. Post your deadlines where you will see them. This will remind you to use your time wisely.

  6. Know that you can’t do everything perfectly. You’re only human, so give yourself some slack.

  7. Prep your environment for focus. This will mean something different for everyone.

  8. Give yourself a transition time between tasks — especially for mentally challenging projects. Set a timer for 10 minutes and take a walk, do some yoga, or sip your favorite tea.

  9. Listen to audios and audio-books on 1.5-2x speed. This will keep you engaged and decrease the time you need to spend on each audiobook.

  10. Create momentum. Start with something that will feel easy, find a rhythm, and then dip into the tough stuff.

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